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12:59 am: Strangely Familiar: The Five-Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies
08:58 pm: Creating A Monster: A Review of Creator Owned Heroes #1
11:51 pm: Meet the Magus Part 2: The Universal Dance in Snakes and Ladders
11:54 pm: Trip City Salon at Fornino's May 30th 2012
11:56 pm: Urban Folk Art Group Show Brooklyn Bridge Birthday Celebration
01:05 am: Exploring Rook Chant: Collected Writings on Witchcraft and Paganism, by K. A. Laity  2 comments
12:28 am: What’s in an Indie Web Comic? Looking at “Dino Fight UK” on TripCity.net.
12:32 pm: Meet the Magus Part 3: The Jack of the Green and the Deep Green in the Swamp Thing
12:36 pm: Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con "Chronicle" at Trip City
02:59 am: A "Genuine Legend" in Play it Again Sam: the Sam Schoenfeld Story  3 comments